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"When we looked at the package it was a pleasure to see that Ron Brown was involved with it. He has a strong reputation in supporting the community in bringing together feasible well thought through financially secure projects that it made it even more appealing to us."

-Etta Denk

Vice President, JP Morgan Chase


"My law firm has 330 plus lawyers. I have been representing EMET Realty for around ten years. I've been with EMET Realty since they've grown from a small owner of single room occupancies projects to a very significant owner of real estate around NJ and also in other states. Ron Brown is out at his. buildings himself looking at the buildings. directing maintenance, ensuring that tenants are happy, and when you have tenants that are happy you have successful properties."

-Bruce Kleinman, Esq. 

Partner at Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer

Family Real Estate
Medical Record Analysis

"I have been a tenant here since 1993. We do occupy a large portion of the building and are satisfied with the present management. Over the past, the building has had other management companies that have had some financial problems. But since Ron Brown and his associates have taken over, we have some stability. He has been prompt to any complaint we have and I'm very satisfied. They have helped me redecorate. They have been very cooperative in every aspect."

-Edith Josephson

Owner, ReMax Real Estate, Ltd.

I have actually gotten a few referrals because of the appearance of the building.

-Dr. Stephen L Malki
CEO, Malki MD Dental

Engineering Sketch

"Since Ron Brown came I think we're very happy to see the lot's improvement, the common area, maintenance, and outside."
-Ken Kamimura
President KK Technology Inc.

Helping Hands

Ron basically approached me with a concept of having this property available and if we could come together with a partnership to seek the appropriate funding, tax credits, and county home funds. To put together a really unique project to take a blighted area of our community and make it something special. We now have a wonderful building. It's four stories, it's aesthetically beautiful, it's safe, and it's clean.


-Michael Leggiero

Former President and CEO of North Hudson Community Action Corp

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