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Ron Brown has more than three decades of expertise in real estate acquisition, renovation, development, management, sales, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, New Market Tax Credits, and Renewable Energy Tax Credits. He has served since 1982 as the president of EMET, through which he has developed, managed, and invested in commercial, market, and affordable housing units.

Over the years, Ron has successfully:

  • Received over $47 million in Affordable Housing Funding Awards: HUD, LIHTC Tax Credits, Federal Home Loan Bank, RCA, and Home

  • Received in excess of $10 million in social service and housing awards

  • Completed construction/renovation commercial and residential projects of more than $27 million

Ron’s real estate background extends into the financial arena. He is a consultant for numerous development projects and also uses his extensive financial contact network to place commercial mortgages with funding entities for clients. When he owned Kesef, Inc., a New Jersey License Mortgage Brokerage Company, Ron funded approximately $125 million in residential mortgages.

Ron has also spearheaded partnerships between EMET and a number of significant social service organizations. Among the many entities of which Ron is either president or a managing member are Balanced Housing Development Corp. and RB Ventures LLC. 

At EMET, Ron is supported by a team of over 25 professionals including real estate professionals, attorneys, and accountants.

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