Supportive Housing

"Building Lives and Opportunities One Brick at a Time"

EMET Realty provides supportive housing in various arrangements:

Low Income Multi-Family Housing

EMET is the developer, syndicator and manager of low-income housing for working individuals and families with earnings below median income. In some of its low-income multi-family housing projects, EMET has mentored local nonprofits and faith-based community development organizations that provide social and medical services to enter the housing industry. In these instances EMET has provided turnkey developments, allowing the mentored nonprofits to become developers and owners.

Transitional Housing

EMET owns, develops and operates transitional housing buildings in a number of inner city communities, offering transitional housing to individuals immediately in need of shelter and social services. Through short-term residency programs, individuals receive the social services, medical and financial support needed to assist in re-entering society. EMET networks with government agencies and local area nonprofits skilled at providing the necessary services.

Permanent Housing

EMET arranges permanent housing in SRO facilities and apartments. EMET often mentors local nonprofits and faith-based community development organizations to provide on and off-site rehabilitative assistance using HUD and other government grants. EMET also coordinates tenant attendance in various vocational and educational programs. The results of these efforts: happier and healthier individuals, safer and revitalized neighborhoods, and at some venues, formerly environmentally hazardous sites are cleaned up.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Properties

Corporate America partners with specified developers in targeted communities through the LIHTC program to subsidize housing, develop neighborhoods and revitalize urban centers. Scoring high grades in HUD and LIHTC compliance and monitoring, EMET syndicates properties for individuals and families with low-income housing needs. EMET has excellent relationships with its corporate investors who get the benefits of both federal tax liability reductions as well as investments in societal progress. LIHTC patterns receive increased earnings per share, retained earnings, working capital and net after-tax income.